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  No Refund Policy


Steps to Joining Unique Advertising 4 Sure

  • 1. Go to your sponsor’s website,, making sure his/her username is at the end of the question mark.
  • 2. Click on join…also making sure your sponsor’s name shows above the form. If not there, repeat #1. (call your sponsor if still not there)
  • 3. Complete ALL information and check box for “no refund policy”.
  • Now you are in and it’s time to pay!

  • 4. Go back to top of website page and click login.
  • 5. Put in your username and password.
  • 6. Look to left column and click on purchase position.
  • 7. Use the drop down arrow to choose your preferred payment method: Solid Trust Pay, PayPal, or Credit/Debit Card
  • 8. Include your username or the username you are paying for in the notes or special instructions. *Do not include anything else in the notes except username(s).
  • 9. Pay and your username will be upgraded to Pro as soon as admin places sit.

Awesome Comp Plan!!

  • Never ends! Inheritance!
  • Email for more info:
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